La prima si a doua Tombola, orice cont creat inainte de event putea participa.La a doua Tombola conturile create dupa ce tombola a inceput aveau nevoie de un minim de nivel 30 pentru a participa.La a treia Tombola, conturile ce au atins nivelul 30 si au terminat misiunea "The research of the biologist 1" aveau dreptul de a participa. Fiecare caracter avea dreptul la o intrare gratuita pe zii, insa puteau achizitiona si alte intrati pentru MD.

The Lucky Tokens


  Dupa ce ai colectionat 3 tockenuri, poti sa iti ridici premiu, sau, contra valorii a 5 MD poti alege alte tockenuri.Poti repeta procedura de cate ori doresti

1.and 2. Tombola prizes:

Tombola of December, 2012

  • To get your free slot in the event, you must be atleast level 30 and completed the mission The research of the biologist 1, or if you have taken part in the Tombola for seven days in a row. On the eighth day, the first entry that is shown in the row will be free for you.
  • You can can open additional slots for DM
  • You can buy 5 additional slots every day, if you buy them ahead for the next day, you get them a little bit cheaper
  • A new Tombola day starts at 04.00
  • You can only participate via the ingame itemshop
  • Each open slot guarantees a prize, a Lucky Token, or the prize of a day
  • Innovation this year: Blue entries Blueentrie.png will be distributed at random and are a particularly special stroke of luck, as they bring you a three-fold advantage: behind them lies a Lucky Tocken, an instant win with a doubled chance of gaining the daily prize. Furthermore, you can collect them and then after a certain amount you can exchange them for a free spin on the Wheel of Destiny Blue entries wheel of destiny.png


Slot Prices

 On the first image you see how much the slots cost today and on the second the price you have to pay when you buy them for tomorrow.

 After the first five slots, you can buy additional 4 slots. They cost 75 DM ; 85 DM ; 95 DM und 100 DM. 

Possible prizes

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